Welcome to the Computational Astrophysics group.

CAPCA (Computational Astro-Physics Calgary Alberta) was founded by Dr. Rachid Ouyed in 2003 at the University of Calgary (Physics and Astronomy).

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Information for Prospective Graduate Students

Positions are available for students interested in enrolling in an MSc (2 year funding) and PhD (4 year funding) program with the computational and high energy astrophysics group (; CAPCA). The two main research topics of current interests are
(i) numerical investigations of astrophysical jets using the WESTGRID facility ( and the CAPCA cluster (;
(ii) theoretical and numerical investigations of quark deconfinement in compact stars and the astrophysical consequences/applications (Quark-Nova, explosive astrophysics, equation of state of dense matter, etc ...).

Additional Information for Prospective Graduate Students can be found at:

Please contact professor Ouyed at:

ouyed at phas dot ucalgary dot ca

if you wish to join the CAPCA group, or if you have other questions.